New information arrived for iOS 18 before WWDC24

New information was given for iOS 18 and artificial intelligence

Ahead of WWDC24 for iOS 18 operating system New information has arrived. The biggest iOS update of recent years is coming soon taking.

According to the latest information, Apple iOS 18 people with It will allow you to lock Mail, Messages, Notes, Phone, Photos, Safari and Settings with Face ID. This feature, which currently seems to be available only for applications/services that come built into Apple’s iPhones, will add an extra layer of security. With iOS 18, an innovation centered on the dark interface mode will also be introduced. on iOS 18 When dark interface mode is activated, application icons on the home screen will also darken.. It is thought that this feature will be exclusive to Apple’s applications at first. However, Apple does not have this opportunity It is thought that it has prepared an API to bring it to other applications.. It is also said that with the new version, application icon colors can be changed as desired. According to other information, iOS 18 will include an emoji reaction system for iMessage, It also allows messages to be scheduled to be sent at a later time. will recognize. Voice assistant with iOS 18 siri will also come of age. Some sources claim that many features designed for Siri will remain until 2025, but a major update is definitely coming.


For example, Siri will be able to control the camera via voice commands. Recording voice with Siri will be much better than before. Siri will also be at the center of the Apple Mail application in the new period. Apple will make the Control Center multi-page with iOS 18, thus improving the user experience.

According to other claims, the new Mail application in iOS 18 is called Ajax within the company. will allow people to compose email replies using a large language model. Here, both smart answers will be provided and the system can be asked to write messages on behalf of users on certain issues. Apple will also update the search system in Mail and save people time with these productive artificial intelligence features.

It was put forward by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman last week. bet According to iOS 18, it will include a special “Passwords” application. Gurman states that Apple will add a special “Passwords” application to iOS 18 and also to the new MacOS operating systems. With this application, Apple will compete with third-party password services such as LastPass or 1Password.the basis of the application iCloud Keychain will lay the infrastructure. About this new application, Gurman shares the following:

“The app contains a list of user login information and separates the details into different categories such as accounts, Wi-Fi networks and Passkeys. The new application, which will also work on Vision Pro and Windows computers, can automatically fill in login information (to websites or applications) on the login screen. “It can also support verification codes and serve as an authentication app similar to the Google Authenticator app.”