New Generation Processors for Gaming

Intel Confirms Lunar Lake Will Come in 2024

Intel has revealed its new generation gaming processors, the Core Ultra 200 series, developed based on the Arrow Lake architecture.

Intel announced its new processor series, a step that will excite the gaming world. Intel Core Ultra 200 It was announced that this series, named after the company, was developed based on the company’s Arrow Lake architecture. This new series marks the model name of the processors that Intel will soon launch, also known as the 15th generation.

New Gaming Processor from Intel: Core Ultra 200

According to a recent leak, this new series based on Intel’s Arrow Lake CPU architecture is officially called Intel Core Ultra 200 was determined as . This suggests that Intel will adopt a similar naming convention with its latest Meteor Lake chips rather than its 14th-gen desktop chips. In the gaming CPU market, where competition with AMD is intensifying, Intel’s new chips have already attracted attention with their design details. This leak also offers insight into Intel’s naming scheme.

Arrow Lake was already expected to adopt this name, following the Intel Core Ultra 100 series, the first series of Intel Core Ultra CPUs that Intel introduced last year. These new chips, built on the Meteor Lake architecture that Intel had to give up for desktop processors, offer important innovations, especially for mobile devices.

If the leaks made by the Golden Pig Upgrade Package are true, we will see that the number “200” will not appear on these CPUs. Instead, it will use a model number that starts with “2” followed by two numbers and one more letter, following a similar format with Intel’s 100-series chips. This indicates that models such as the new Core Ultra 255H will be released.

Additionally, the Core 200H mobile CPU series, which does not carry the “Ultra” prefix, is also expected to be released, while the Core Ultra 200 series fully covers Arrow Lake CPUs. It is stated that this series will be based on an update of the Raptor Lake architecture instead of Arrow Lake.

Intel’s 15th generation Core processors may be introduced at the Computex 2024 fair to be held in Taiwan in June. Otherwise, a launch is expected towards the end of the year.