New generation Apple CarPlay will only work wirelessly

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The new generation Apple CarPlay will only work wirelessly. Apple does not want to carry its wired connection infrastructure into the future.

Confirmed here today As far as the new generation Apple CarPlay system is available in vehicles iPhone connection will only be done wirelessly. This development, which some people did not welcome due to concerns that it might cause connection problems, pleased some as it would accelerate wide-scale adoption. The new generation of CarPlay, which will be used in some vehicles that will be released before the end of 2024, is coming soon. Many new images have been shared, which you can see in the gallery above. The new CarPlay, which once again reveals what it has to offer in terms of design with these visuals, looks quite modern. As far as we have learned before, the version will be able to provide more information about the vehicles than before. Some of these will be:
-Automatic Settings: This app allows you to manage paired iPhones and adjust vehicle settings.
-Car camera: This app displays the vehicle’s rear view camera feed.
-Charge: This app shows the battery level of electric vehicles, charging status, time left until the battery is fully charged, and more.
-Air conditioning: This app accesses the vehicle’s climate controls via CarPlay, allowing you to adjust the temperature of the air conditioning or heating system, fan speed, heated seats, heated steering wheel, and more.
-Indicators: This app shows if any of the vehicle’s doors are open and will also display vehicle warning symbols.
-Media: This app will provide access to FM and AM radio station controls within CarPlay, as well as other media options like SiriusXM.
-Tire Pressure: This app will display the air pressure for each tire of the vehicle and provide low pressure, high pressure and flat tire alerts.
-Stroll: This app will provide a variety of driving-related data, including the vehicle’s average speed, fuel efficiency or energy efficiency, total time and total distance on a trip, and more.


The new system, introduced at WWDC22, establishes deep integration with vehicles. For the version, Apple itself quotes: “CarPlay has created a fundamental shift in the way people interact with their vehicles. The new generation CarPlay goes even further by providing deep integration with the vehicle’s hardware. CarPlay will create a unique and consistent experience by being able to display content on multiple screens within the vehicle. Deeper integration with the vehicle allows users to do things like control the radio or adjust air conditioning settings directly from CarPlay.

Moreover, CarPlay will use vehicle data to reflect speed, fuel level, temperature and many other information on the dashboard. Users will be able to personalize their driving experience by choosing from different dashboard designs. “Additional support for widgets will allow users to see information from the Weather and Music apps at a glance on the vehicle’s dashboard.”