New games to be added to Xbox Game Pass [20 Eylül]

New games to be added to Xbox Game Pass 20

Microsoft, Xbox Game Pass announced the new games that will come into the service. The new games were generally appreciated.

Xbox Game Pass service continues to grow in popularity among gamers. The service, which offers unlimited access to more than 100 games with a monthly payment, is constantly updated by the company with the focus of new agreements. With these updates, new games are added to the service, and some games are released when the deal is over. So which games will be included in the service soon? Which games will be released? shared on this dated September 20 official list like this:

-Deathloop (Cloud, PC and Xbox Series X|S) – Released today
-Hardspace: Shipbreaker (Cloud and Xbox Series X|S) – Released today
-SpiderHeck (Console and PC) – September 22
-Beacon Pines (Cloud, Console and PC) – September 22
-Slime Rancher 2 (Cloud, PC and Xbox Series X|S) – September 22
-Moonscars (Cloud, Console and PC) – September 27
-Grounded – Full Release (Cloud, Console and PC) – September 27
-Let’s Build A Zoo (Cloud, Console and PC) – September 29
-Valheim (PC) – September 29
-PAW Patrol Grand Prix (Cloud, Console and PC) – September 30

Games that will leave Game Pass as of September 30:

  • -AI: The Somnium Files
  • -Astria Ascending
  • -Dandy Ace
  • -Dirt 4
  • -Dirt Rally
  • -Going Under
  • -Lemnis Gate
  • -Slime Rancher
  • -Subnautica: Below Zero
  • -The Procession to Calvary
  • -Unsighted
  • -Visa

Note: You can buy the games that will be released from Game Pass with a discount before they are released.

Game Pass monthly for console and computer service in Turkey 29.99 TLYou can subscribe to. The service’s all-encompassing “Ultimate” package is monthly for console and PC. 44.99 TLget to can be done. By the way, 3 years at a time on Xbox Live Gold Game Pass Ultimate It is also possible to own. Microsoft normally doesn’t sell subscriptions that long.


There is no cloud-based use of Game Pass in Turkey. Xbox Cloud Gaming (Formerly xCloudUnfortunately, it is still unknown when the ) system will be opened in Turkey. This system has been requested for a long time because most people in Turkey have up-to-date systems capable of playing next-generation games. not. In addition, game prices in Turkey are at an incredibly high level.

By the way Game Pass for now one “friends and family plan” there is also. directly to its details. from here you can reach.