New game on Steam costs €12.49, has 95% positive reviews and has the potential to become a viral hit

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A completely stupid game has appeared on Steam. In Trombone Champ you are supposed to hit notes with a trombone, but this turns out to be extremely complicated. Tens of thousands celebrate the failures of various players on Twitter and the weird sounds that come out of it.

What kind of game is this? Actually, Trombone Champ is a fairly simple rhythm game. Notes appear on the right edge of the screen, which you have to press and hold to match the bar.

So not much different than classic Guitar Hero, just with a trombone and two special features. On the one hand, the notes are not firmly bound by chords, but flow into one another. This sometimes creates oblique intermediate tones, just like with a trombone.

On the other hand, the trombone sounds a little … different. Although the sound can definitely be assigned to a brass instrument, with just a little good will it can also be read as a rather infantile fart sound.

The laughter and joy in the new game on Twitter and Co. are correspondingly great. The tweet from a user who spoiled the famous overture from Wilhelm Tell more badly than right, reached over 160 thousand likes and tens of thousands of retweets on Twitter in just a few hours:

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What particularly amuses people is that bad grades are rated “nasty”. A word that is also often used for positive or slippery comments.

Amazingly, Trombone Champ hasn’t had that much success on Steam yet. According to steamcharts, a maximum of 1,028 people have gambled at the same time since the release on September 16th. However, the ratings are “very positive” at 95%. Here you come to Trombone Champ on Steam.

“It’s not just a game. This is a simulation”

Many of the reviews praise that you can have a few hours of fun at Trombone Champ for just 12.49 euros. The game isn’t forever long, only offering 20 playable tracks, but makes for lots of laughs if you play about as well as the Twitter user above.

The most acclaimed review on Steam even goes so far as to say that the game does a good job of depicting what it’s like to be a real trombonist:

I am a classically trained trombonist with 27 years of experience […] You have to believe me when I tell you that this isn’t just a rhythm game. It’s a simulation. All the countless hours of practice, lessons, register rehearsals and trial performances were nullified by Trombone Champ.

it’s real All of it. The stroboscopic light. The ‘accidental’ glissandi. The disappointed look of the conductor. The thunderous applause. The delicate antagonism of all other instruments. And the baboons. ESPECIALLY the baboons.

Hero_Vert on Steam

Everything fits – except that you don’t learn how to correctly count your breaks until the next assignment. Others even joke that they threw Rocksmith off the record for this game.

Negative reviews only advise against the game because you have to torture yourself with your own inability to unlock everything. But if you want to bite your way through there, you will be well pushed to get further.

Another game that has what it takes to be a hit, Gord is a Diablo-style city builder coming soon:

Gord on Steam – 16 minutes of gameplay with developer commentary

Indie games like Trombone Champ for such a low price often have what it takes to become a viral hit precisely because of their easy accessibility and humor. Exciting gameplay often plays an important role here. There are a few examples from the past:

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