New edition leaves fans hanging again

New edition leaves fans hanging again

Even though the sci-fi series Back to the Past was able to gather a loyal fan base in the late 1980s and early 1990s and thus achieve cult status, it was canceled after five seasons due to poor ratings. The ending of the series is still legendary today and is sometimes considered one of the most controversial series finales in TV history – not least because the story could never be told to the end.

A similar fate has now befallen the new edition Quantum Leap – Back to the Past. As TV Line reports, the series with Raymond Lee and Caitlin Bassett, which only started in 2022, has already been released canceled after only 2 seasons.

Sci-fi reboot Quantum Leap canceled after 2 seasons – although season 3 was already planned

The second season of Quantum Leap recorded an average of 3.6 million viewers when it was broadcast on the US channel NBC and landed on the last place among the station’s own original series. Only within the intended target group was she able to catch up with Magnum PI and La Brea, which had also already been discontinued. The 13-part season ended early in February with a two-hour finale. This will now also be the finale of the entire series.

In the second season, every effort was made to bring Ben (Lee), who had been stuck in the past for three years, back to the present. The season finale also saw Addison (Bessett) travel back in time alongside Ben.

Trailer for the original series Back to the Past:

Back to the Past – Blu-Ray Trailer (German) HD

When the season finale aired, executive producer Dean Georgaris told TV Line that there were already plans for Ben and Addison’s story to continue season 3 would exist. However, whether the two characters will ever make it home again will forever remain a mystery.

Quantum Leap Finale repeats mistakes from original Back to the Past

Quantum Leap thus repeats the same mistake that the original series Back to the Past made in 1993. This too was no longer able to finish telling its protagonist’s story and subsequently solved the dilemma in the finale of season 5 with one Title card, which stated that Dr. Scott Bakula played Dr. Sam Becket never made it home.

In Germany, the first season of Quantum Leap is currently running on free TV on ProSieben.

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