New discussions in M ​​about gender identity law

Crisis meetings and sources testifying to internal division. The bill, which, among other things, establishes when a person with the guardian’s permission should be able to change their legal gender, has become an infected issue in the Moderates.

When the parliamentary group met on Tuesday afternoon, the issue was raised again.

According to information to SVT, group leader Mattias Karlsson began the meeting by saying that there should now be no more discussions about the proposal. Then the question must have taken up a large part of the meeting, where party leader Ulf Kristersson was also present.

Presupposes yes in the voting

According to Mattias Karlsson, the discussions revolved around the substantive issue but also about the media reporting that has been, especially in the last week.

He still assumes that the parliamentary group will now vote yes to the bill.

– It is clear during this process that you have different opinions, we usually have that in different substantive issues and also in this one. But now we have landed on the fact that it is a well-balanced proposal that we put forward in the autumn, so I don’t see any problems before the vote.

The proposal will be put up for a vote in the chamber on April 17.