new demonstration in front of the Central Bank in Beirut

new demonstration in front of the Central Bank in Beirut

In Lebanon, the economic plunge seems endless, but society is no longer mobilizing. Several demonstrations this week have suddenly created a surprise. On Wednesday March 22, former soldiers, whose retirement is no longer worth anything, gathered in the city center. And on Thursday, March 23, several dozen depositors shouted their anger at the Central Bank.

With our correspondent in Beirut, Laura Stephan

The crowd is small, but total anger before the central bank of Lebanon: against the institution, against the banks, against the politicians linked to them.

There are many seniors, like Maurice Srour, 80, the dreams of a golden retirement behind him. ” I worked 55 years in my life, 10 or 15 years abroad, I collected money and it is to live, to continue my retirement, but they took everything. I tell you the truth is that my brothers are abroad and they send me money from time to time, that’s only what keeps me alive “says Maurice Srour.

After throwing firecrackers against the Central Bank, demonstrators rock the metal walls of a bank. Police officers watch without intervening, almost fraternal, their salaries are no longer worth anything.

They are a mafia, they are thieves »

Hanane Al-Sayed, mother, spray in hand, just tagged “ thieves » on the wall. ” It has been four years since we, the people of the collective “Cry of the Depositors” we take to the streets, we talk, we shout, we demand. We go to the banks, but they don’t answer us. They are a mafia, they are thieves. The bankers got their money out, and they keep ours “, castigates Hanane Al-Sayed.

Nobody in the crowd believes in a near solution, but there is a will: not to resign.

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