New death list after the split in the Foxtrot network – Rawa Majid is the target

The recent wave of violence in Stockholm and Uppsala has shaken Sweden. Several of the crimes are suspected of being connected to the Foxtrot network, where an internal conflict within the criminal gang has led to a split in several phalanxes.

The main conflict is between Rawa Majid, the “Kurdish fox” on one side and another leader, whose mother was shot dead last week, on the other side.

New death list

Information on a new death list with intended victims has been established within the network. In this case, it is about people on Rawa Majid’s side of the conflict who are on the list, according to information.

– There is strong opposition to Rawa Majid and his phalanx who are singled out as responsible for this escalation and the woman who was shot. In connection with that, a death list has been created, says Diamant Salihu.

Rawa Majid is said to be at the top of the list and it is also said that money has been raised to try and get the people on the list murdered.

– You want to be able to pay torpedoes who can think of taking on this type of mission and clear away the enemies that you want to get rid of at all costs.

Children are recruited

In several cases, children have been recruited as torpedoes and one thing that has become clear in the split is, according to Diamant, that very young people are taken to Stockholm where they are allowed to live in different apartments and are given assignments basically every night.

– Some form of terror cells have been created, which several describe as.

In some cases, young people are provided with weapons and an address where they said they would go to try to find the intended target. The leadership layer, which can be located in, among other places, Turkey or in other Swedish cities, incites the young people to carry out the deed.