New change in Farmer seeks a wife 2024 – ditches the classic feature

New change in Farmer seeks a wife 2024 ditches

During yesterday, the viewers were able to take part in a presentation program of the farmers who participate in Farmer seeks a wife 2024 on TV4 Play. The program is broadcast as usual in the autumn, but even now all letter writers who are eager to write can pick up the pen and write a letter to the farmer who appeals the most.

The deadline for writing letters to the farmers is May 12. However, presenters reveal Linda Lindorff for The Express that a major change will take place in this year’s season. They scrap a classic feature that

Linda Lindorff in “Farmer seeks wife – Casting 2024”. Image source: TV4Linda Lindorff on the new season: “A bigger change”

The farmers seeking happiness and love in this year’s edition are the 30-year-old dairy farmer and the adventurer Isak from Öland, the 69-year-old western rider Goran from Nykvarn, 34-year-old dairy farmer Anders from Näsviken, 24-year-old dairy farmer Alma from Mellerud and 29-year-old meat farmer Christian from Vittinge.

Linda Lindorff reveals what viewers can expect from this year’s season and believes that there will be a surprise.

– There will actually be a change this year, a bigger change, she says, but does not want to reveal more at the moment.

Image source: STELLA Pictures The classic feature is being scrapped

In November 2023 revealed Lindorff on his blog that the concept and spinoff series “Farmer seeks wife – Love for all” disappears. The program has been broadcast on TV4 Play and has been chosen to be discontinued. In addition to the disappearance of the spinoff series, there is also another change in Farmer Seeks a Wife, namely the travel program.

In the travel program we usually get to follow when the farmers go on holiday with the person they have chosen, but now the concept is scrapped. Lindorff believes that this is because the viewing figures for that program usually have lower viewing figures in contrast to the other programs.

– Perhaps for obvious reasons, because then the choices have already been made. The climax is over then and then people want to know what happened next, says Lindorff and explains that there will therefore be more time on the farm and two extra episodes of the program compared to previous years, she tells Expressen.