New camera and battery information has arrived for the iPhone 16 series

New camera and battery information has arrived for the iPhone

Will be launched at the end of 2024 iPhone 16 New camera and battery information has arrived for the series. Phones are already on the agenda not falling.

iPhone 16 According to newly revealed information, the 16 Pro in the series is in common with its older brother 16 Pro Max (can also be called 16 Ultra). It will have a “Tetraprism” telephoto camera that brings 5x optical zoom. If you don’t know, this new type of telephoto camera is currently only included in the 15 Pro Max model, so this step to be taken for the 16 Pro is already pleasing. By the way, the battery to be used in the 16 Pro is also on the agenda today. Designed in an “L” shape like the previous ones, the new battery you can see above is covered with metal for better heat removal and thus seems to stay cooler under charging and load. This looks nice, of course, so it seems possible that charging speeds can also be increased. Yesterday, technology giant Apple announced that the 120 Hz refresh rate, which brings high fluidity, is still a problem. “Pro” considered as a feature and It turned out that this would not change in the new year. Because, according to a new leak, the iPhone 16 and 16 Plus models, which will be introduced in September 2024, will be 6.12-inch, respectively. LTPS 60 Hz and 6.69-inches LTPS 60 Hz screens will be included.


16 Pro and 16 Pro Max, or possibly 16 Ultra, have 6.27-inch dimensions, respectively. LTPO 120 Hz and 6.86-in. LTPO 120 Hz screens will be included. Commonly as in the iPhone 15 series Dynamic Island For the iPhone 16 series to be used before this “warming” focused information had come to the fore.

For those who missed it iPhone 15 Pro with the very powerful A17 Pro processor from the 3 nm production process And 15 Pro Max The high temperature seen in the models was resolved with a sent update. According to a claim, Apple has made a device for the phones in order to avoid high temperature problems in the iPhone 16 series. develops graphene-based cooling infrastructure.

Apple, which aims to dissipate the heat generated in the processor and in general inside more quickly with graphene, will not break any new ground in this regard. Reportedly, Google uses a similar cooling solution in the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro it introduced to the market.