New BTP Italia, subscriptions from 255,000 small savers

New BTP Italia subscriptions from 255000 small savers

(Finance) – The first phase of placement of the eighteenth issue of BTP Italy, reserved for the so-called retail market, closed with what the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) calls a “significant participation of small savers”. In particular, from 14 to 16 November 2022, they subscribed the BTP Italia 255,753 savers for a value of 7,281.189 million euro.

It’s about a collection online with that registered at the end of the third day of placement of BTP Italy 2030 (which took place last June), which had received orders for 7.26 billion euros.

Tomorrow 17 November 2022, from 10 to 12, the second phase of placement of the security, with the ISIN code IT0005517195, reserved for institutional investorswhich will also take place on the MOT platform (the Telematic Market of Bonds and Government Securities of Borsa Italiana).

Before the opening of the placement, on the basis of market conditions, the MEF will set and communicate the definitive annual (real) coupon rate of this eighteenth issue, which cannot in any case be lower than the minimum guaranteed annual (real) coupon rate, equal to 1.60%, already announced last Friday 11 November 2022.

On the occasion of the last edition, lo last Junethe MEF had raised 9.4 billion euros, 76.91% of which assigned to retail investors. In the sixteenth edition, that of May 2020, it had raised 22.3 billion euros, 62.8% of which assigned to retail investors. From 2012 to today, a total of 181 billion euros have been raised.