New Bitcoin Game Will Dethrone Pokemon!

New Bitcoin Game Will Dethrone Pokemon

niantic, Fold AR To create an augmented reality game called; finance company fold collaborated with. game, users exploring their physical environment bitcoin and gain in-app advantages. The game is currently in the testing phase. Fold AR team, a small portion of users; game to test it for a limited time daily will allow.

Pokémon Go, is an obvious source of inspiration for the game, but the Fold’s press release justifies it. as part of the metaverse took it one step further by naming it. The difference between the two games lies in the prize. While Pokémon Go revolves around catching cute monsters, Fold AR is mostly; find the cubes and tap them to reveal a prize is based.

And some bitcoin This is the reward part that makes the game special because it is in the format. satoshis a very small unit currently worth 1/20 of a penny. The award is also for the Fold app. power-ups also includes.

However, there is another difference regarding the world in which it was founded. Fold AR is not virtual locations that correspond to real-world locations. Instead, the game is based on each value corresponding to the actual Bitcoin mining rate. 1 to 50 feet away from a player every 10 minutes creates a block.