New Barbie movie is supposed to be for everyone who hates Barbie

A new Barbie movie is coming soon. The trailer is already attracting hundreds of thousands of potential viewers worldwide. However, some of the scenes are strongly reminiscent of Diablo 4, which is also coming soon. The journalist Jason Schreier draws attention to a specific moment.

This is the new trailer: A new Barbie movie from Warner Bros. hits theaters on July 20th. It stars Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad) as Barbie and Ryan Gosling (Blade Runner 2049, La La Land) as Ken.

On May 25, the studio released a new trailer introducing the film. Barbie celebrates with her friends and asks a strange question: do you ever think about dying?

She then suddenly notices strange changes, especially on her feet. They are suddenly flat and no longer have a high-heeled posture. This puts her in a dilemma and an apparently older Barbie explains to her: she now has to go into the real world to clarify this.

The new trailer for the Barbie movie shows what the famous doll has to do in the real world

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“That’s what I call Brand Synergy”

Jason Schreier shared a post on Twitter showing two scenes from the Barbie trailer and the Diablo 4 introductory trailer. The screenshots look like reflections.

Schreier calls this “brand synergy”. This describes the effect when several companies advertise similarly in order to make the effect appear many times stronger than when it stands on its own:

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Other scenes are also quite similar, such as when Barbie floats from her house. Lilith has a similar descent from her bloodied tatters when summoned. Just not that pink.

In the comments, some users are happy that they are finally the target group. The obligatory comparisons with Tarantino are of course also included, after all it’s about feet.

Some are now even asking for a Lilith version of Barbie. However, it is unlikely that it will ever appear.

And what about the movie now? The trailer says that the new Barbie movie is explicitly for everyone who hates Barbie. And it’s causing a stir: there are tons of positive comments on both Reddit and YouTube. Above all, the meme potential is enormous, some say.

Some people in the MeinMMO editorial team who do not wish to be named have already decided that they want to see the film.

Anyway, something less embarrassing:

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