New audio control engine for Windows 11 puts to the test

Volume control on Windows 11 will become easier

Windows 11 operating system volume control on it becomes easier. Microsoft finally takes a good step towards this beating.

Windows 11 operating system Application-based voice control has become easier in the latest beta version for At the time, it was unclear whether the change would definitely reach the end user because it was being tested internally experimentally. Today, this situation has changed, public trials have started with Preview Build 25309, available to testers on the Windows 11 Insider Dev channel for the new infrastructure. In the new infrastructure that will be released for everyone in the coming period, the specific volume levels of the applications can be changed directly from the volume control menu on the right side of the taskbar. In this way, it is not necessary to open the main sound settings as now, to change or customize the volume of the applications. doesn’t stay. This means a lot of convenience.


∗A button showing the new menu option video. If you don’t want to wait for Microsoft to send the new Windows 11 update to everyone, you can get this infrastructure already with the EarTrumpet application. In fact, this application is signed by former Microsoft engineer Dave Amenta and Microsoft MVP Rafael Rivera.

Microsoftalso last week W11 made a major update for the company and took important steps within the scope of this update. Directly to all the details about it from here you can reach.