new attack in the south of the country and behind the backs of soldiers deployed in the Central African Republic

new attack in the south of the country and behind

While the Chadian army was engaged in a joint military operation in the Central African Republic, just opposite the province of Logone Oriental – officially to eradicate the rebel groups in the process of settling in the north of the neighboring country – a new attack which between eleven and twenty victims, according to the sources, took place yesterday, Wednesday May 17 in the morning, very close to the Central African border and practically in the back of the Chadian army, to the great dismay of the population.

The assailants launched their attack on the village of Adoum around 5 a.m. and was extremely barbaric, according to several testimonies collected by telephone. One of them speaks of a true massacre ” and of ” great cruelty committed by men in military uniform, without further details, explaining that in a house attacked they horribly killed the husband, his wife and their three children, including a baby barely three months old.

bandits » neutralized

In total, it would be 26 people who would have been killed, without counting several others wounded, assure these witnesses, all angry against the power, accused of not having protected them. On the side of the transitional government, we want to be reassuring. The Chadian Minister of Defense assures that his men immediately set off in pursuit of those they describe as ” bandits and neutralized them. General Daoud Yaya Brahim: “ There were armed robbers who came to ransack a village killing eleven citizens. We pursued them with our security forces and got hold of eight alive thieves, and brought back the oxen and 6 dead among the thieves. They are brigands, they are Fulani, highway robbers, who come from the Central African Republic. »

The population will blow »

The minister is in southern Chad to supervise a military operation launched since Sunday against bases of Chadian “bandits” located in the north of the Central African Republic, together with Central African soldiers. He assures that this operation which was a success ended yesterday. It will allow our population to blow “, he added, despite this new attack.

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