New Atlas video from Boston Dynamics

New Atlas video from Boston Dynamics

Purchased by Hyundai which later became a larger company. Boston Dynamicstoday a humanoid robot Atlas video pitch shared.

Hyundai under the roof Boston Dynamics, once again last week. humanoid robot It made a sound especially for Atlas. Sharing the video, which you can watch right below, the company revealed the last point Atlas has reached. Atlas, who appeared as a helper in this video, could easily overcome various obstacles in front of him and could even successfully handle the bag throwing process. Atlas closed the video with an impressive somersault, as we learned today. did not perform the movements in this video smoothly in one go. In order to show this, the company shared another video that you can watch below today. showcased a large number of trials. The robot’s failures were brought before us very clearly in the video, which generally makes you laugh. With this video, the company gave a good answer to those who do not believe in their work. still stubbornly Hyundai bought by a giant like Boston Dynamics signed robots There are those who continue to think it’s fake. Here is one of the biggest reasons for this situation.

Atlas, as we said before, is the robot dog model of the company yet. Spot not in commercial use. However, the company is constantly working to change this. Atlas really promises a great future in this regard.

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For a while Hyundai under the roof Boston Dynamics, It creates the most advanced robots in the world. November 6, 1992 on Marc Raibert The company, which was founded by and turned 30 in the past months, is a short story that you can watch this 30-year adventure right below. He put it in his Twitter video.. The video, where you can see all the robotic systems this company has developed so far, has the following explanation:

“Boston Dynamics celebrates 30 years of innovation, discovery and collaboration today! We are excited to see what the next 30 years will bring for us and the robotics industry.” Boston Dynamics’ last sentence also gets us excited. Robotic systems are already quite advanced. Also on robots Innovative companies such as Tesla are also actively working. The level reached by robots in the near future may be more exciting than today, but may be frightening.