Netherlands: Those taken hostage this morning have been released

Netherlands Those taken hostage this morning have been released

At midday, this Saturday March 30, the Dutch police announced that all the people held hostage this morning in Ade, in the center of the Netherlands, had been released. The suspect was arrested. No terrorist motivation has yet been claimed.

Fear in Ede, in the Netherlands, this Saturday morning. Dutch police had indicated at around 10:30 a.m. that a hostage-taking was in progress in a building in the city center.

In this town located in the heart of the Netherlands, riot police and explosives experts were mobilized. At midday, this Saturday, March 30, all the people held against their will were released, announced the Dutch authorities, specifying that the suspect was also arrested, reports BFMTV.​​​​​​

No terrorist motivation claimed

If the recent bloody attack which occurred near Moscow, in Russia and left 143 dead, is present in people’s minds, the Dutch police have announced that there is for the moment no sign of a “motivation terrorist”.

The Netherlands has regularly been targeted by a series of attacks and terrorist plots, recalls BFMTV. However, never on the scale of what other European countries, such as France or Great Britain, suffered. In 2019, the Dutch were devastated by a shooting on a tram in the city of Utrecht, which left four people dead. The same year, Dutch police charged two suspected jihadists with planning a terrorist attack involving suicide bombers and car bombs. Before that, a man stabbed two tourists in Amsterdam in 2018, to, according to the terrorist, “protect the Prophet Mohammed”.