Netflix’s Shadow and Bone surprisingly recasts two characters from the fantasy series in Season 2

Netflixs Shadow and Bone surprisingly recasts two characters from the

The fantasy series Shadow and Bone – Legends of Grisha has returned to Netflix for Season 2. After everything that happened in season 1, sun warrior Alina must now face the shadow monsters of the dark general Kirigan. With all the action, it’s easy to overlook that 2 new characters in the cast became: a prince and a Grisha.

2 Shadow and Bone Cast Changes: Who Got Swapped?

While the 4 key new cast members of the Shadow and Bone season 2 cast have been announced, other characters have been quietly getting new faces. The following two characters have been cast with new actors in Netflix’s fantasy return.

1.) Shadow and Bone has a new Nadia in the Season 2 cast

Nadia Zhabin is a Grisha who can summon Air as a Forward. When Alina comes to the Small Palace of Os Alta for training in season 1, she meets the classmate in a double act with Marie (who is later murdered as Alina’s double). Season 2 of Shadow and Bone sees a reunion between the two remaining friends, and we also meet Naida’s forward brother Adrik.


Shadow and Bone: Nadia in seasons 1 and 2

2.) Nikolai’s brother Vasily Lantsov gets a new actor in Season 2 of Shadow and Bone

Ravka’s heir to the throne, Vasily Lantsov, stays in the background in season 1: when Alina is introduced to the tsar and his wife as the bright hope of the country, he is only present. In season 2, the good-for-nothing older prince gets a bigger role… and a new actor.

  • George Parker played Shadow and Bone heir apparent Vasily Lantsov in Season 1
  • Edward Davis takes over Vasily’s role in Season 2 Shadow and Bone.
  • Netflix

    Shadow and Bone: Vasily in seasons 1 and 2

    Why were the two Shadow and Bone roles recast in Season 2?

    So far, there has been no official explanation from Netflix or the series makers around Eric Heisserer as to why Nadia and Vasily were exchanged in the second season of Shadow and Bone.

    With Nadia’s recast, fans speculate that Gabrielle Brooks’
    Main role in a theater production in London’s West End may have prevented her return to Shadow and Bone due to scheduling conflicts.

    Even with Vasily, only guesses can be made about the actor swap. What is certain is that the change here is narratively unobtrusive because the crown prince hardly said a word in season 1. However, the new cast is visually very different from its predecessor. The new Vasiliy is older, slimmer, less blond and also because of his angular character face he stands out more from his brother Nikolai ().. Which, in line with the royal “bastard” narrative, is by no means unimportant.

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