Netflix’s longest superhero series ends after 5 years and in the video the stars speak plainly: “Don’t expect anything”

Netflixs longest superhero series ends after 5 years and in

Netflix is ​​ending a superhero era: The Umbrella Academy’s fate is sealed. The adventure about a dysfunctional family of supernaturally gifted teenagers will end with season 4. A new video now shows what the stars think of the finale: They are enthusiastic, but also refreshingly honest.

Check out The Umbrella Academy Season 4 featurette here:

The Umbrella Academy – Season 4 Featurette (German subtitles) HD

Netflix is ​​ending popular superhero series after 5 years

Season 4 is a “crazy lovefest” and “the best season so far,” enthuses Umbrella Academy star Ritu Arya (Red Notice). Many of her colleagues agree with her. Others, like Robert Sheehan (Misfits), prefer to smugly comment on the fact that they aren’t actually allowed to reveal anything: “Dear fans, don’t expect anything! Then you will get everything.”

As the official The Umbrella Academy account recently announced with a video on Twitter, The fourth and final season of the series is scheduled to appear in 2024. Some fans will be frustrated by the inaccurate information. Based on the start date for seasons 2 and 3, we expect a release in the summer of the year.

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The Umbrella Academy revolves around a colorful bunch of supernaturally gifted people, who were all born on the same day. They hone their skills under the supervision of their mentor Sir Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore). And ultimately have to face the end of the world themselves.

In season 4 everything will be different for the Netflix superheroes. Fans will hope for a thrilling finale. After all, the series has been one of the streaming service’s most popular action adventures since it launched in 2019.

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