Netflix’s Crooks poses a huge challenge for German audiences – but there are 2 solutions to the problem

Netflixs Crooks poses a huge challenge for German audiences

Crooks is the new crime series from 4 Blocks director Marvin Kren and sends the two crooks Charly (Frederick Lau) and Joseph (Christoph F. Krutzler) across Europe – from Berlin to Vienna to Marseille. As they flee from different clans and gangsters, they can hear the finest Viennese, among other languages. You have problems, the strong one Austrian dialect in Crooks to fully understand? Then Netflix offers you two helpful options.

Better understand Crooks on Netflix: There is a “German” dubbed version

A not insignificant part of Crooks’ plot is set in the Austrian metropolis of Vienna. The main character Joseph and his criminal family can be heard in the sonorous Viennese dialect. The “foreign languages” heard in the Netflix series are subtitled by default. But not the dialect scenes.

For the “piefkes” among us, Netflix has had an extra language version made to make it easier to understand. In the language options you have to go to the Audio section from German [Original]” to “German – Dubbed”..


You don’t understand the Viennese? Netflix can help you

In this language version, the Austrian actors dubbed themselves. However, the Viennese gangsters don’t suddenly all speak understandable standard German. Only were the strong dialect and certain phrases are somewhat toned down. Here is an example from episode 2:

  • German – original: “We can just stand there stupidly and watch your boy die!
  • German – Dubbed: “We can just stand there stupidly and watch your son die!
  • If you still have problems with this version, you can As a final aid, of course, German subtitles turn on. Depending on which “German” language version you have selected, the subtitles will differ slightly (as in the example above). You’ll get the best understanding if you watch the dubbed version of Crooks with German subtitles.

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