Netflix Subscription Fees Raised Again!

Netflix Subscription Fees Raised Again

Netflix, the most popular TV series and movie watching platform today, has increased its subscription fees again in 2023.

Netflix, which has become a part of our lives with Pandmei and increases the number of users day by day, updates its subscription prices to compensate for the investments it has made and the number of subscribers it has lost. Lastly, Netflix, which updated its subscription prices in September 2022, announced that the hikes would come again as of January 2023.

In our country, there are many TV series and movie platforms that are still broadcasting. Especially Netflix is ​​one of the most watched among them. Netflix’s new prices were met with great reaction by many users.

The subscription price of Netflix after the new hikes is as follows;

  • Basic Plan: 63.99 TL
  • Standard Plan: 97.99 TL
  • Special Plan: 130.99 TL

Against the fees, many users criticized the situation on their social media accounts. We will see how Netflix will respond to these users in the coming days.

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