Netflix series where viewing order doesn’t matter: “Kaleidoscope”

Netflix series where viewing order doesnt matter Kaleidoscope

Watching order doesn’t matter these days. Netflix sequence “Kaleidoscope” it sounds. The company is doing an interesting experiment with this content.

Almost all series have a standard viewing order. You start with the first chapter and then you move on to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and later chapters one after the other. You can also do this with the new Netflix series “Kaleidoscope”, but not in the content that stands out. you don’t have to do this. The series is very interestingly, you can watch it starting from the episode you want.. The series specially designed for this, no matter which episode you start from. allows you to see the story being told completely and completely. One of the most frequently encountered names in the lead role of the series, which has a non-linear story structure. Giancarlo EspositoRufus Sewell and Sun Vega is located.

Here’s the official synopsis for the series that Eric Garcia is behind: “A master thief and his team embark on an epic and elaborate heist of $7 billion. But betrayal, greed, and other threats thwart their plans.” The content in which each part is coded with colors, It can be watched on Netflix right now and is generally getting good feedback.


Netflix recently made a summary of the most popular productions of 2022, and if you missed it, officially conveyed the following:

  1. NetflixNielsen Top 10, more than all broadcast platforms combined. So far this year, we’ve been #1 on original series for 46 of the 48 weeks, and #1 on nearly half of the weekly movie charts.
  2. Five of our English TV series that aired this year and are in the Top 10 most popular of all time Stranger Things 4, Wednesday and The Beast: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer (each exceeded 1 billion hours watched) with Bridgertonseason 2 and Inventing Annawas ‘.
  3. Three of our English-language films released this year that are on the Top 10 most popular list of all time The Adam Project, The Gray Man and Our hearths are together‘he said. Also our most successful animated movie for children Sea monster Our most successful documentary with Tinder HunterWe published .
  4. Seven of our non-English films released this year in the Top 10 most popular of all time Mysterious Monster (Norway), Nothing New on the Western Front (Germany), Black Crab (Sweden), from my window (Spain), Forced Double (France), Adult Love (Denmark) and My Name Is Revenge (Italy).
  5. Fan favorites returning to the screens: Members watched more than ever before on Netflix, returning content with new seasons and sequels in 2022. Among them Stranger Things 4, eliteseason 6 of The Crownseason 5 of Bridgertonseason 2 of The Umbrella Academyseason 3 of Young Royalsseason 2 of Big Mouthseason 6 of Cobra Kaiseason 5, Ozark‘s season 4, sintoniaseason 3 of Selling Sunsetseason 5 of Love is blind‘s 3rd season and its sequels Enola Holmes 2, Lost Bullet 2 and 365 DaysIt has two sequels.
  6. The Korean Wind was felt more than ever! 60% of our members watched a Korean content and 6 of the Top 10 most searched Korean dramas in Korea belonged to Netflix. Among them Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Narco Saints, All of Us Are Dead, Twenty Five Twenty One, Business Proposal and Our Blues exists. Extraordinary Attorney Woo with All Of Us Are Dead They were our most popular non-English series ever.
  7. The songs of the 80s rose to the top of the music charts with the influence of Netflix. “Running Up That Hill” was the 6th most searched song on the internet, while Kate Bush was the 7th most searched singer. On TikTok in 2022 was ranked 10th among the rising songs. Wednesday Thanks to this, not one but two songs became famous again: “Goo Goo Muck” by The Cramps and “Bloody Mary” by Lady Gaga. #WednesdayAddams on TikTok in less than a month 19 billion used once and Lady Gaga He himself got involved in this viral trend.
  8. Red berets were very popular: Emily in Paris‘of, Matildachildren and even ThingHe had many fans.
  9. Netflix members watched an average of six different types of content per month. For example, historical drama The EmpressSports drama starring Adam Sandler from Hustle‘a, romantic drama Virgin RiverDark thriller from season 4 of Palpitountil.”