Netflix has the best part of a nearly forgotten sci-fi series that will soon be continued

Netflix has the best part of a nearly forgotten sci fi

With the many new films and series that appear weekly on Netflix, it often happens that the really good titles are overlooked. That’s why we want you one Sci-Fi gem of the 2010s which is unfortunately often forgotten in the face of the great sci-fi blockbusters of the past decade.

It’s 10 Cloverfield Lane, the second installment in the Cloverfield series, which began in 2008 with the found footage film of the same name by JJ Abrams and Matt Reeves. However, it is not a classic sequel. Each new Cloverfield chapter stands on its own and needs no explanations.

Sci-Fi tip on Netflix: 10 Cloverfield Lane provides 104 minutes of high suspense

The story of 10 Cloverfield Lane revolves around Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) who is in a serious car accident. She falls unconscious and wakes up in the bunker of a big man: Howard (John Goodman). He lives there with a skinny Emmett (John Gallagher Jr.) and claims that the world is going down.

You can watch the trailer for 10 Cloverfield Lane here:

10 Cloverfield Lane – Trailer (German) HD

As Michelle tries to figure out if she can trust the strange men, a feverish chamber play in the confines of the bunker, which is both a living room and a prison. This chamber play was staged by Dan Trachtenberg, the director of the great Predator reinvention Prey.

10 Cloverfield Lane is by far the best part of the Cloverfield series, the latest part of which was even released exclusively on Netflix: The Cloverfield Paradox. After failing to win critical or public acclaim, it looked like the franchise was dead. Last September, surprising news broke that a fourth Cloverfield film was in the works after all.

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