Netflix has rejected a new fantasy film from one of the biggest cult directors – it should be Harry Potter

Netflix has rejected a new fantasy film from one of

Cult status is no longer the free pass it once was. At least that’s what fans will, given the latest revelation from David Lynch (Mulholland Drive, Lost Highway): The exceptional director recently suggested to Netflix the idea of ​​an animated fantasy epic that is said to have the dimensions of the Harry Potter franchise. Despite Lynch’s illustrious filmography, his suggestion apparently left the streaming service completely cold.

David Lynch’s Harry Potter: Why did Netflix reject the fantasy film?

According to a Deadline interview, Lynch began working on it two decades ago with author Caroline Thompson (Edward Scissorhands). Fantasy project called Snootworld to work.

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David Lynch in Twin Peaks

According to Thompson, the “completely crazy” Story about snoots, small creatures who go through an initiation ritual at the age of eight, shrink and are sent abroad for 12 months. The world falls into chaos when the Snoot hero disappears into the carpet and his family can’t find him” explains Thompson. “He enters a crazy, magnificent realm.

The film was supposed to be David Lynch’s Harry Potter, as The Film Stage quotes his ex-wife Peggy Reavey. So why is Netflix passing up such an opportunity? According to Lynch, Snootworld is simply no longer up to date.

Snootworld is a somewhat old-fashioned story and animation today is more about superficial jokes. […] The world has changed and it’s easier to say no than yes.

Lynch’s statements reveal a hint of bitterness, but it doesn’t seem to dampen his ambitions: According to the Deadline article, he is currently looking for another Snootworld sponsor. If he is successful, the Hollywood legend may also take over the direction of the film in addition to the script and producer positions.

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