Netflix has one of the dumbest sci-fi movies of all time that explains everything wrong

Netflix has one of the dumbest sci fi movies of all

In the last few weeks, the (real) inner core of our planet has received more attention than it has had in a long time. He’s acting strange, would have stopped rotating and perhaps changed direction, the conclusion of the Chinese researchers could be summed up in layman’s terms in the journal Nature Geoscience. The fact that these findings have an impact on us is not initially assumed.

However, whoever thinks the world is going to end with it is the really stupid yet extremely entertaining sci-fi blockbuster The Core. You can currently stream it on Netflix and Amazon Prime * and the core of the earth completely misinterpreted.

The core of the earth also stops in The Core: At Netflix you can find out how much a film can go wrong

The Core begins like any good disaster blockbuster: A scientist predicts the end of the world. Somewhere dead birds are falling from the sky. The core of the earth has stopped, the world is about to end. The solution, of course, is a bomb. And while we had to go up there to detonate it at Armageddon, now we have to go down there to jump-start the Earth’s core.

This is insanely unscientific on the one hand and great popcorn entertainment starring Aaron Eckhart and Hilary Swank on the other. The Core also flopped at the box office in 2003 and, according to Film-Magazine Salon, even personally made Hollywood films more accurate in their scientific claims.


Hilary Swank as the pilot of the questionable drillship in The Core

The New York Times called The Core “monumentally stupid”. This may be. Still, fans of Roland Emmerich scenarios like 2012 and Moonfall will enjoy it the most. To be sure, let’s check out the most unscientific parts of the film so there’s no false core-of-the-earth panic while streaming.

Sci-Fi Disasters of All Kinds: The Most Unscientific Claims in The Core

Where should we start? At least The Core managed to reproduce the structure of the (real) core of the earth more or less correctly, but that’s about it.

In The Core, unlike in real life, the Earth’s core stop triggers a whole chain reaction of catastrophes, starting from the Destruction of the Earth’s magnetic field. By the way, this is wrongly repeated in the film electrocalled magnetic. Salon lists the nonsense:

  • All pacemakers and many other electronic devices suddenly give up the ghost at the same time.
  • It rains birds from the sky because they can no longer navigate.
  • Landmarks are destroyed by weather catastrophes.
  • And of course the government dependent on a single hackerwho saves the world from the truth and thus from panic.


    Lightning attacks in The Core

    The core is to be revived by the ragtag crew dropping a bomb into its liquid interior. The ship for it would eat through the earth to there with the help of ultrasonic waves. They want to use the same technique for breaking up kidney stones. For this project, however, so much energy would be required that the rescue team would not get far with their small ship.

    As Gamerant notes, Hardly would the crew from Earth’s interior either communicate with the outside world as the film would have us believe. And we don’t even want to start at this point with the idea of ​​restoring something inside the earth with an atomic bomb.

    Nevertheless, The Core is more entertaining than some scientific studies. And as long as you don’t believe the film, having fun is absolutely legitimate.

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