Netflix adapts war novel with alternative sci-fi history – but different than you might think

Netflix adapts war novel with alternative sci fi history – but

Netflix is ​​working on a series adaptation of Scott Westerfeld’s novel series about the First World War, which does not aim to be historically accurate at all. Starting with Leviathan in 2009, the author gave the historical conflict a few fantastical-futuristic twists.

According to Anime News Network, the streaming service is not planning a live-action war film, but rather – the source already reveals it – an anime series.

Leviathan: World War I, but completely twisted and in anime form on Netflix

Leviathan and the sequel novels Behemoth and Goliath are about Prince Aleksandar, the son of the murdered Archduke Franz Ferdinand. He is on the run and tries to evade his pursuers with a so-called Stormwalker – a new type of war machine that resembles a typical anime mech.


In the Swiss Alps, Aleks comes into contact with the British airship Leviathan, which is a mixture of animal and machine. The crew is on a secret mission to the Ottoman Empire and has Deryn, disguised as a boy, on board.

The first moving images from the Leviathan anime series can be seen in this Next On Netflix Animation video:

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Historically inspired war stories (often with German character names) are not at all uncommon in the anime world. Just think of various entries in the Gundam franchise or titles like Saga of Tanya the Evil. Even Hayao Miyazaki’s relatively cozy fantasy film Howl’s Moving Castle referenced Europe during the world wars.

The Japanese anime studio Orange is behind the Leviathan project by director Christophe Ferreira, for which Ghibli composer Joe Hisaishi will even contribute an original song.

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