Netanyahu’s Minister: Stop the Judiciary Act

Netanyahus Minister Stop the Judiciary Act

Published: Less than 40 min ago

Israel is again shaken by large demonstrations against the government’s plans to change the judicial system. During the day, they also received support from the country’s defense minister.

Yoav Gallant, defense minister in Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing government, is calling on the prime minister to at least temporarily halt enforcement of the controversial law that is causing the strong reactions.

– The process must be stopped, for Israel’s safety and for our sons and daughters, says Gallant in a televised speech.

– I don’t intend to be part of this, he continues without specifying how he would act if the law becomes a reality.

The law means, among other things, that the parliament should be able to review decisions from the Supreme Court and that politicians should have greater influence over nominations of judges to the same court. It also protects Netanyahu legally during the trial where he is accused of corruption.

Large demonstrations with tens of thousands of participants have been held every Saturday for three months. According to Israeli media, over 100,000 people took part in a giant demonstration in Tel Aviv on Saturday.

Gallant now says the protests pose an immediate danger to the state’s security. He is therefore asking the Prime Minister not to enforce the law until after the Jewish Passover, which begins on April 5.

– The anger, pain and dissatisfaction is growing in all directions, with a strength that I have never seen before, he warns.

– If only one side wins, be it on the streets or inside the knesset, then the state of Israel is the big loser.