NES Castlevania Game Sold for a Record Price

NES Castlevania Game Sold for a Record Price

An unopened copy of the NES Castlevania game sold for a record price of $90,000, driven by the buyer’s childhood nostalgia.

Recently, on the internet, gelatin has been found unopened. NES There is a significant increase in the prices of games. The latest example of this trend is the classic castlevania game because of a buyer’s childhood nostalgia 90,000 US dollars It was purchased for a record price. The buyer, user named Tom Curtin (minus_worlds), purchased this rare piece on eBay with his childhood friend.

Nostalgic Journey of the One Who Purchased NES Castlevania

In his post on Instagram, Curtin stated that this game holds an important place in his personal history and that he has been trying to add this special copy to his collection for years. According to the buyer, this purchase marks the end of a years-long search for him and his childhood friend.

He described the purchase as a “foundational moment”, recalling that the game was his first game and that his mother gave it to him as a gift. Additionally, Curtin thanked everyone who helped them make this special moment, especially @the1uppedcollection and @grailmonster. @grailmonster highlighted the potential value of this sale, suggesting that the game could sell for up to $250,000 in the future.

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