Nelli Laitisten’s excellent save against the Czech Republic’s dangerous attack, Susanna Tapani still in the dark – EPN follows the World Championships | Sport

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Susanna Tapani about her return: “The short break has been good”

Susanna Tapani returns after a year’s break with the national team in Utica, USA. He has played this season in the new PWHL league in North America.

Tapani is happy to return to Naisleijon.

– A little break was good. It was already nice to participate in the last (EHT) tournament. These hard games have already been expected. Besides, I haven’t been able to speak Finnish, it’s so nice to be with Finns for a long time, Tapani tells Urheilu.

Based on the games this season, Tapani has what it takes to play in a small rink. He states that playing in a small rink also brought confidence against the North Americans.

– We have to play a lot forward through the wing. In all situations, you can’t stay on the puck, but you have to humbly put forward and the guy behind. In a big rink, you can look for a longer time where to serve, but here you don’t have time for that.

– It can feel like you’re giving up the puck, but it’s still a sensible and winning puck.

The Czech Republic, who won bronze in the previous two World Cups, will be a tough test for the Women’s Lions. The country has systematically developed its players by sending them to North American leagues.

It has paid off.

– The game against them is much the same as the North Americans. They play a similar game. You have to humbly put the puck over the lines and skate hard, says Tapani.