NB Aurora, complete sale of entire stake in Dierre Group

Alto Garda Servizi completed the purchase of OPEN PIEMONTE

(Finance) – NB Auroraa permanent capital vehicle, has completed the sale of the entire stake held in Dierre Group, through the controlled vehicle D Club and equal to 48.4%, to the Alto Capital V Fund managed by Alto Partners SGR.

The closing follows the signing of the binding agreement announced on December 21st. The total value of the transaction is approximately 108.5 million euros. NB Aurora’s share is approximately 22.2 million euros.

Dierre Group is a leader in Italy in protections and components with advanced technology and high aesthetic impact for industrial automation. In 2022 it had a turnover of approximately 63 million euros.

To confirm its commitment to Dierre Group, NB Aurora reinvested part of the proceeds from the sale, for an amount of approximately 7.4 million euros, remaining a minority shareholder. The Founder and President of Dierre Group, Giuseppe Rubbiani, also sold his stake by reinvesting in the company with a minority stake, together with other managers.

NB Aurora had invested in Dierre Group in July 2019 with the aim of supporting the entrepreneur and top management in the growth path, also with acquisitions to position the company among the leaders of the sector at European level.