Nations League draw: the group of death announced for the Blues, the potential opponents

Nations League draw the group of death announced for the

The draw for the 2024-2025 Nations League takes place this Thursday evening in Paris.

A few months before the start of Euro 2024 in Germany, the French team awaits its opponents for the future League of Nations. The matches in the league phase, which will be determined this Thursday, February 8 from 6 p.m., will be played in the fall of 2024, while the final phase (organized by one of the four qualified nations) should take place in June 2025.

Third in its group behind Croatia and Denmark during the previous edition, the French team is certain to come across a very large group with initially Spain, Croatia, Italy and the Netherlands. Low then subsequently Portugal, Belgium, Denmark or Hungary. Finally, the last opponent will be one of the promoted from League B with the choice between Israel, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia or Scotland.

Leagues and hats

The 54 UEFA member teams participating in the league stage have been divided into four leagues based on their results in the 2022/23 UEFA Nations League and then divided into hats. Because of its results, France finds itself in hat 3. Here are the details:

League A

  • Hat 1 : Spain, Croatia, Italy, Netherlands
  • Hat 2 : Denmark, Portugal, Belgium, Hungary
  • Hat 3 : Switzerland, Germany, Poland, France
  • Hat 4 : Israel, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Scotland

League B

  • Hat 1 : Austria, Czechia, England, Wales
  • Hat 2 : Finland, Ukraine, Iceland, Norway
  • Hat 3 : Slovenia, Republic of Ireland, Albania, Montenegro
  • Hat 4 : Georgia, Greece, Türkiye, Kazakhstan

League C

  • Hat 1 : Romania, Sweden, Armenia, Luxembourg
  • Hat 2 : Azerbaijan, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Faroe Islands
  • Hat 3 : North Macedonia, Slovakia, Northern Ireland, Cyprus
  • Hat 4 : Belarus, Lithuania/Gibraltar*, Estonia, Latvia

League D

  • Hat 1 : Lithuania/Gibraltar*, Moldova
  • Hat 2 : Malta, Andorra, San Marino, Liechtenstein

A change of format

To discover the brand new formula of the 2024/2025 Nations League, you can read our dedicated article just above which explains the new format with quarter-finals and play-offs.

On which channel to follow the draw?

The draw will be followed on the L’Equipe Channel from 6 p.m. this Thursday, February 8.