National electricity system, Terna: around 90 million euros in savings with summer time

National electricity system Terna around 90 million euros in savings

(Finance) – According to the Terna’s estimatesthe company that manages the national electricity transmission network, Italy will save during the seven months of summer time approximately 90 million eurosthanks to a lower consumption of electricity equal to approximately 370 million kWh which will also generate a significant environmental benefit, quantifiable in the reduction of approximately 170 thousand tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.daylight saving time will be in effect from Sunday 31 March, when at two in the morning it will be necessary to move the hands forward by sixty minutes, and it will end on October 27th, with the return to solar time.

The estimated economic benefit for the summer time period in 2024 it is calculated considering that the cost of the average kWh for the ‘typical domestic customer under protection’ (according to ARERA data) is currently equal to approximately 24.3 euro cents before taxes. The approximately 370 million kWh of lower electricity consumption is equivalent to the average annual requirement of over 150 thousand families.

From 2004 to 2023, according toanalysis of the company led by Giuseppina Di Foggiathe lower electricity consumption for Italy due to summer time was approximately 11.7 billion kWh overall and resulted, in economic terms, in savings for citizens of approximately 2.2 billion euros.