Natasha St-Pier reveals her disconcertingly simple anti-aging secret

Natasha St Pier reveals her disconcertingly simple anti aging secret

Natasha St-Pier’s youthful secret? It’s not cosmetic surgery, nor Botox injections, but a very simple trick that’s very easy to copy. Discover all the anti-aging secrets of the singer.

If some stars have recourse to facial massages, skincare treatments or injections of all kinds, Natasha St-Pier prefers to bet on a very special position to counter the signs of aging.

Natasha St-Pier stretches out to look younger

It was on her Instagram account that Natasha St-Pier revealed yesterday, March 15, 2023, her youth secret. The singer posted a selfie that garnered many compliments from her fans. “Wonderful”, “sublime”, “radiant” or “Magnificent” are some of the glowing comments that can be read under this publication. And for good reason, the 42-year-old star appears rejuvenated. His secret? “Being in video with your mom and realizing that lying down you look younger! I found a source of youth“, she wrote in the caption of this photo. Indeed, with her smooth, flawless face and enviable glow, Natasha St-Pier is dazzlingly beautiful. “See you soon for more beauty secrets“, she continued not without humor, underlining the astonishing simplicity of this anti-aging tip.

The anti-aging secrets of Natasha St-Pier

To preserve firm and smooth skin over the years, Natasha St-Pier likes to follow a skincare routine marked by effective anti-aging gestures. “If I’m fitI put an anti-wrinkle serum, if I’m tired, I only put on my Cicaplast cream from La Roche-Posay. And I also do scrubs with Pschitt Magique de Garancia which I love.“, she told the site Gala. The one who is also a seasoned Yogi has a beauty obsession that allows her to counter the signs of aging: “wear sunscreen all year round, Vichy Capital Soleil tinted or Anthélios by La Roche-Posay. My mother, in her late sixties, has almost no wrinkles, she has always avoided the sun. I follow her example!”, explained the Canadian with a youthful complexion, even after 40 years.