Natasha St-Pier: her favorite activity to relax before going on the set of Dancing with the Stars

Natasha St Pier her favorite activity to relax before going on

Since her clash with comedian Inès Reg, Natasha St-Pier says she feels stressed and disturbed. Only one solution allows him to relax and do good before going on set.

Natasha St-Pier marks the 13th season of Dance with the stars by his performances on the TF1 floor but also his altercation with Inès Reg. Tensions which force the singer to practice this discipline to relax.

According to information from Here is, which cites a source close to the production of Dance with the stars, Natasha St-Pier would suffer a lot following her clash with Inès Reg. So much so that the singer would have physical after-effects of this psychological tension.Because of the stress of the show, she actually had a contracture.” explained this source. So, to calm down and concentrate as much as possible on her choreographies, Natasha St-Pier would practice yoga “behind the scenes before or after rehearsals”. It is a discipline very appreciated by the Canadian who has been a follower since 2003. Moreover, the 43-year-old redhead has been teaching yoga since 2016, advocating gentle versions of this activity. “It helps her enormously because she somatizes a lot“, specified the source to Here is.

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Natasha St-Pier is wise to rely on yoga to relieve tension since this sport is known to help with relaxation. During the postures, breathing work and slow body movements help regulate the heart rate.

Blood pressure decreases, which provides relief from stress. THE preferred yoga postures for deep relaxation are: the downward facing dog, the child, the corpse or even the pliers.