NASA announced by giving the date: There is a possibility of hitting the Earth!

NASA announced by giving the date There is a possibility

The US Aerospace Agency (NASA) reported that in 2046, it observed an asteroid (albeit small) likely to hit the Earth.

According to NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office, the asteroid about the size of an Olympic-size swimming pool, whose movements have been tracked since early February, will pass closest to Earth in 23 years and have a potential impact probability.

The probability of hitting the earth, called “2023 DW”, was calculated as 1 in 625 by the European Space Agency and 1 in 560 according to NASA.

NASA officials expressed the view that this probability could change significantly as further analysis of 2023 DW is carried out.

According to NASA data, the diameter of 2023 DW is calculated as approximately 50 meters, while it is estimated that the meteorite will pass at a distance of 1.8 million kilometers from the earth on February 14, 2046.


While the asteroid moves at 25 kilometers per second, it completes one orbit around the sun in 271 days.

NASA’s Double Asteroid Orientation Test (DART) spacecraft made a successful impact on the asteroid, approximately 11 million kilometers from the earth, on September 27, 2022, as planned, and managed to slightly change the orbit of the meteorite. (AA)