Nantes – Lyon: the two teams finish tied, look back at the highlights of the match

Nantes Lyon the two teams finish tied look back

FCN-OL. FC Nantes and Olympique Lyonnais failed to decide, with a score of 0-0, in this duel of the 18th day of Ligue 1, this Wednesday January 11, 2023, at the Stade de la Beaujoire. Find the major actions of the meeting.

20:49 – Nantes and Lyon leave in a draw (0-0)

The score ultimately remains parity (0-0) between FC Nantes and Olympique Lyonnais, but the Lyonnais could hope for better in view of the statistics. Olympique Lyonnais indeed had the advantage in terms of ball possession (41%-59%) but also framed more shots than their opponents (6 against 5). He lacked a dose of efficiency to make the difference in this Ligue 1 duel.

20:48 – Yellow card for Sébastien Corchia (FC Nantes)

90ᵉ. Sébastien Corchia, the FC Nantes player, inherits a warning.

20:44 – New free kick for FC Nantes

89ᵉ. FC Nantes obtains a free kick in the opposing camp which could allow them to have a serious opportunity and take a point difference in this 2nd period. A particularly interesting opportunity as we are in the 89th minute of this duel and it is still a draw so far.

20:39 – Maxence Caqueret is replaced by Jeff Reine-Adelaide at Lyonnais

85ᵉ. Maxence Caqueret gives way to Jeff Reine-Adelaide in the 85th minute of play in this Nantes – Lyon.

20:39 – Yellow card for Sael Kumbedi (Olympique Lyonnais)

85ᵉ. Sael Kumbedi, the Olympique Lyonnais player, collects a yellow card.

20:39 – New free kick in favor of FC Nantes

85ᵉ. This is one of the last free kick opportunities for FC Nantes, as we play the 85th minute of play in this Nantes-Lyon. The perfect time to build up a lead at the end of the game.

20:38 – Moses Simon is replaced by Sébastien Corchia at Nantes

83ᵉ. The FC Nantes coach makes a new change: Sébastien Corchia replaces Moses Simon in the 83rd minute of play.

20:38 – Pedro Chirivella is replaced by Lohann Doucet in Nantes

83ᵉ. New change for FC Nantes: Lohann Doucet comes on as a replacement for Pedro Chirivella in the 83rd minute of play.

20:35 – Six meters in favor of Olympique Lyonnais

81ᵉ. Marc Bollengier, the game director, indicates a 6 meters while the score is still 0-0. The keeper can get away.

20:32 – It’s not on target for Corentin Tolisso!

78ᵉ. Olympique Lyonnais is trying to find the fault but Corentin Tolisso’s attempt is imprecise.

20:30 – Yellow card for Castello Lukeba (Olympique Lyonnais)

76ᵉ. Castello Lukeba, the Olympique Lyonnais player, receives a warning.

20:29 – Marc Bollengier has made his decision!

75ᵉ. After appealing to the VAR for a contentious gesture in the area, Marc Bollengier makes his final decision: nothing justifies a penalty in favor of Olympique Lyonnais.

20:28 – Penalty pending at the Stade de la Beaujoire

74ᵉ. The game is stopped at the Stade de la Beaujoire: Marc Bollengier hesitates to signal a penalty for Olympique Lyonnais after a contentious gesture in the area and appeals to the VAR.

20:28 – What a save from the goalkeeper of Olympique Lyonnais

73ᵉ. FC Nantes’ attempt narrowly fails as we reach the 73rd minute of the game.

20:28 – It’s on target for Rayan Cherki, but it doesn’t fit!

73ᵉ. Rayan Cherki thinks he finds the opening but this shot which nevertheless took the path of the frame does not find the nets.

20:27 – Offside whistled against FC Nantes

73ᵉ. A FC Nantes player is penalized for offside and allows the opposing team to clear.

20:24 – Yellow card for Charles Traoré (FC Nantes)

69ᵉ. The game director, Marc Bollengier, shows a yellow card to Charles Traoré, the FC Nantes player.

20:24 – New free kick which will allow Olympique Lyonnais to clear in its 30 meters

69ᵉ. The referee whistled a welcome free kick in favor of the Lyonnais who were besieged just in front of their goals and could see FC Nantes score a goal at the end of this action. This free kick will be struck in a few moments.

20:23 – Tete is replaced by Rayan Cherki at the Lyonnais

69ᵉ. The Olympique Lyonnais coach makes a substitution: Tete is recalled to the bench while Rayan Cherki enters the field in the 69th minute of play.

20:23 – Johann Lepenant is replaced by Corentin Tolisso at Lyonnais

69ᵉ. Marc Bollengier announces a new replacement for Olympique Lyonnais: Corentin Tolisso succeeds Johann Lepenant in the 69th minute of play.

20:23 – Mostafa Mohamed Ahmed Abdalla is replaced by Ignatius Kpene Ganago in Nantes

68ᵉ. We rotate the workforce in Nantes: Mostafa Mohamed Ahmed Abdalla is recalled to the bench and Ignatius Kpene Ganago comes into play in the 68th minute of play.

20:22 – Evann Guessand is replaced by Marcus Coco in Nantes

68ᵉ. New change for FC Nantes: Marcus Coco comes into play in place of Evann Guessand in the 68th minute of play.

20:22 – Corner in favor of Olympique Lyonnais

67ᵉ. Corner that will allow Olympique Lyonnais to bring danger into the area. The latter will be shot by Maxence Caqueret on the left side of the opposing goals.

20:21 – Decisive stop by the goalkeeper on this FC Nantes shot!

66ᵉ. FC Nantes is threatening with this new strike, but the opposing goalkeeper manages to capture this ball as we reach the 66th minute of the game.

20:21 – What an opportunity for Maxence Caqueret, but it doesn’t fit!

66ᵉ. The Lyonnais had the opportunity to take the lead! Maxence Caqueret manages to put this ball in the frame on this shot, but it is a failure.