Nadia Yala Kisukidi, the great escape

Nadia Yala Kisukidi the great escape

The philosopher Nadia Yala Kisukidi publishes her first novel “ Dissociation » published by Seuil. She signs a contemporary and poetic fable, a wonderful escape, an inner and literary journey that recalls all the power of the imagination.

Nadia Yala Kisukidi is a university lecturer at Paris 8. She is a specialist in Bergson’s thought, and in post-colonial African studies. But since the start of the school year, this French philosopher, born in Brussels to a Franco-Italian mother and a Congolese father, is also a novelist.

His latest book is even an adventure novel populated by colorful characters. A travel book too, both physical and inner journeys, in which the imagination takes us into the bowels of beings and into those of the earth, into the depths of French society and the history of the Congo too. A book that is sometimes a tale, sometimes a fable, sometimes a revolutionary manual.

Dissociation ” of Nadia Yala Kisukidi appeared at editions of the Threshold.

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