“My 38-year-old son came back to live at home with… his 5 children”

My 38 year old son came back to live at home with

Marie and her husband welcomed their son and his little tribe. In financial difficulty, the couple and their five children lived together for almost a year. Testimony.

We call them “boomerang” children: those who, after leaving the family nest to strike out on their own, come back to live with mom and dad. Most often, boomerang children return home after a romantic breakup, even though they had settled down as a couple. Others have tried professional experience abroad, and having left everything, find themselves without a job and without housing. Coming back to basics is the assurance of having a roof over your head, while waiting to find housing, a job, and starting from scratch. A second chance that many young people have experienced.

Florient left to make his life in London, with his wife. Together, they had five children, but making ends meet became so difficult that they had to ask their parents for help. Marie and her husband Fabrice did everything to help them financially, but the ultimate solution was to welcome them into their home, while their son and his wife could repay their debts, find another job and rebuild their lives. situation. “I could no longer send them money, and as a mother, it was impossible for me to see him struggling like this. We offered him to come and live at home and that lasted for a year“, tells us Marie, aged 60.

The grandparents have the advantage of having a house that can accommodate the whole tribe, but everyone had to make their mark. “My daughter-in-law was very grateful and was very involved in daily tasks: she was the one who prepared food for her children (and for us), she took care of the laundry, and everyone else, including including our grandchildren, got their hands dirty. My son took care of the food shopping and for our part, we helped to go back and forth to accompany and pick up the children from school, which made Florient’s job search easier. Our son quickly found a position in the security field, and after several months, was able to find housing for his family. Living with us for almost a year, without paying rent, allowed him to put money aside, while repaying his debts.” explains Marie.

Happy to have been able to help him, this big-hearted granny admits to having needed to get away for a few weekends, in peace, alone with her husband. She remains happy to have been able to support her son, her daughter-in-law and her grandchildren, but their departure was a relief: the fact of knowing he was out of financial troubles, but also the peace found again. “Everyone has their own little habits, living a year together was a daily joy, but at our age, it’s also very tiring“. As for the children, they experienced memorable moments with grandpa and grandma: an experience which has the advantage of strengthening bonds.