Musica: what you need to know about Prime Video’s new musical

Musica what you need to know about Prime Videos new

Música is a musical and romantic comedy written and directed by Rudy Mancuso and inspired by the artist’s life. This film has been available since April 4, 2024 for streaming on Prime Video.

Music is a musical romantic comedy that re-explores this genre through everyday sounds. The artist and musician Rudy Mancuso draws inspiration from his life to talk about music, cultural heritage, but also love. This is the artist’s first film as a director. He also plays the main character, opposite Camila Mendes, seen in Riverdale. Music was filmed in New York. The romantic musical comedy Music has been available for streaming on Amazon’s Prime Video platform since April 4, 2024.

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What is the synopsis of Music ?

Rudy is a young man endowed with a special gift: synesthesia. All the little noises of everyday life resonate in his ears like musical rhythms. A street artist, Rudy struggles to find his voice. One day, he meets Isabelle, of Brazilian origin, like him. But is Rudy ready to give up his ex-girlfriend and make peace with his roots and the noise that echoes in his head?

What casting for Music ?

  • Rudy Mancuso: Rudy
  • Camila Mendes: Isabella
  • JB Smoove: Anwar
  • Francesca Reale: Haley
  • Maria Mancuso: Maria
  • Gabriela Amerth: Jill
  • Andy Grotelueschen: Teacher
  • Camila Senna: Luana
  • Regina Schneider: Claire Dombeck

Where to discover Music in streaming ?

Music is available in streaming on the streaming platform of the giant Amazon: Prime Video. This service offers a lot of content, films, series and even musicals. To access the entire Amazon Prime catalog, you can subscribe for 6.99 euros per month. Additional channels are available as paid options.