Murto bent second in France – even tried crossing 490 | Sport

Murto bent second in France – even tried crossing 490

Pole vaulter Wilma Murto finished second in the hall season Golden League competition on Saturday evening in Lievin, France.

Pole vaulter Wilma Murto exceeded 475, with which he shared second place with the British by Molly Cauder with. New Zealand won Eliza McCartneywhich surpassed the season-high 484.

Murto bravely sought victory in the competition until the end. After passing 474, he dropped once from 484 and then moved the two remaining attempts to 490, after McCartney had passed 484.

– Wilma’s attempt from 484 was very close to going over. The little one’s hand caught at the end of the jump and brought the bar down, Murro’s coach Jarno Koivunen said in SUL’s announcement.

– When McCartney went 484 on his first one, Wilma decided that he shouldn’t jump from it anymore and changed the bigger rope to 490. Because the first jump went through. In the last attempt, Wilma took an even bigger rope and with that, crossing 490 was pretty close to succeeding. Wilma got to the bar, but not over.

Koivunen: “Turkuu could have 490 as a target”

According to Koivunen, one of the goals of Lievin’s competition was to test the fins, and it was successful.

– The stick that Wilma tried for 490 with is easily enough for her. You could take that as a goal for the Turku race, Koivunen referred to the Valentine’s Day pole vault held in Turku on Wednesday.

In Koivunen’s eyes, Murro’s jump was well on its way in Lievin. Before crossing 475, Murto went 450 and 465 in his first.

– The runs and marks were pretty good, Koivunen stated.

For Murro, Lievin’s competition was the second of the hall season. He opened his season at the beginning of January on indoor track SE 481. Next, Murto competes in Turku on Wednesday.

In Turku, Murto meets Canada by Alyshan Newman, who was fourth on Saturday with the same result as Murro. The result is Newman’s best of the season. The previous one jumped three days ago in Mondeville was 473.

Triple Jumper Simo Lipsanen jumped sixth among world champions with a result of 16.42. His two closest jumps were 16.33 and 16.24.

The competition was won by the reigning world champion of Burkina Faso Hugues-Fabrice Zongo with a result of 17.21.