Multimillion-dollar grants are paid out from the state – that’s how much the valley municipalities get

The interest organization Sweden’s municipalities and regions, SKR, expects a deficit of 28 billion in the country’s municipalities and regions next year. Among other things, due to increased prices and inflation. Tax revenues will not cover this and through the investment that is now being made, the government hopes that the municipalities will be able to avoid cutbacks in healthcare, schools and care.

The general contributions to the Dala municipalities and the region amount to just over SEK 282 million.

In addition to that, the government wants to carry out targeted investments in Dalarna on:

School and education – SEK 56.2 million

Health care – 103

Social services – 5.5

The civil defense within the region and the municipalities SEK 2.8 million.

Among other things, it concerns investments within the school to improve the working environment for teachers in socio-economically vulnerable areas. Within health care in cancer care and maternity care.

In the fact box below, you can see how much each Dala municipality is allocated