Muğla-based earthquake of 5.4 was previously reported to Android phones

Mugla based earthquake of 54 was previously reported to Android phones

internet giant GoogleYou know, a wider earthquake long time for measurement/scan infrastructure Android using phones.

There has been another frightening earthquake in the past few minutes. AFAD, Muğla Fethiye off the coast 5.4 magnitude (Due to the Kandilli measurement difference, the intensity is 5.7 explains) announced that an earthquake had occurred. According to the shared information, this earthquake, Denizli, Izmir, Mugla, Mersin, Antalya and felt around them. Fortunately, there was no loss of life seconds before the earthquake, many Android phone users received a notification. to Android phones Google added by “earthquake warnings” system was activated once again and warned people to prepare for the upcoming tremor. The message from Murat Sönmez, who is known for his game-oriented content, is as follows: it happened: “There was an earthquake, a message came to be ready. After 10 seconds we started shaking. Well done. This is the first time I have witnessed the early warning system working.”


Of course, the system still does not allow enough time to leave the house, but it is still very useful for preparation for the first shock, going to the children or for a momentary hiding. Android very advanced in phones accelerometer such as sensors. Thanks to these sensors, the phones can detect even the slightest movement well. Request Google using this Android builds an earthquake network from phones. Today, earthquakes are placed in certain regions. seismographs detected with. Since it is not possible to install these systems everywhere for “early warning”, the company includes Android phones in the process.

This system was first Greece and New Zeland was made centered. The system then has a high earthquake risk. Turkeywas also opened. phones turn it into a mini seismograph Google used the system in an Antalya earthquake that happened at the beginning of last year. The system, which is very different from the one used by AFAD, developed by Google, It can only be used if activated from settings.. The process requires access to the location and must be allowed.