Much less crowded than Bruges and Amsterdam, this city is a very good choice for a weekend in spring

Much less crowded than Bruges and Amsterdam this city is

Less popular with tourists than cities like Bruges or Amsterdam, this destination nevertheless offers a historical wealth and architectural beauty that has nothing to envy them.

As the sunny days approach, the desire to escape and new tourist discoveries is winning over many French people. If you are looking for underrated vacation destinations far from the tourist crowds, certain cities on a human scale are good choices for an exotic “city break”. Less popular than cities like Bruges or Amsterdam which attract large numbers of tourists every year, our choice of the day combines picturesque landscapes and vibrant culture and reveals itself in spring as an option of choice.

There is no question here of guaranteeing you sun and warmth from the first weeks of spring, but this city nevertheless offers a historical wealth and architectural beauty that has nothing to envy of its neighbors. Add to that great accessibility from Paris and France with a Thalys trip to Brussels-Midi, followed by a short trip by regional train and you have an attractive option for a quick getaway.


This city is Ghent in Belgium. It offers a rich historical heritage, preserved medieval architecture, and winding canals, making it an ideal setting for a spring weekend. The city invites you to stroll, whether on foot in its cobbled streets or by bike, the means of transport favored by the people of Ghent. There are many museums there, modern or typical of Flemish art. The Municipal Hall, an impressive modern construction in the form of a canopy, and the city’s great Belfry, 95 meters high and offering panoramic views, are must-sees. The latter, listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, is a symbol of the freedom and prosperity of Ghent.

Another highlight of the visit is the Gravensteen, or Castle of the Counts. This medieval fortress, almost unchanged since the time when it served as the residence of the counts of Flanders, is an impressive testimony to the city’s history. Don’t miss the visit to the torture room, frightening but full of anecdotes.

A stroll along the canals of Ghent is also a highlight of your weekend, especially at sunset when the city lights up. This experience allows you to admire the historic architecture and bridges from a different perspective, bathed in golden light. Finally, if you like to add gastronomic discoveries, Ghent offers the best of Belgium, traditional Belgian waffles with chocolate, but also with Flemish stews. For snacks, the canalside cafes are good stops, as are the sweet shops where you can discover cuberdons, local sweets.