Mr. Prices, taxes weigh 57% on petrol prices, 52% on diesel

Expensive petrol consumers Government intervene No consequences for state coffers

(Finance) – “The weight of the tax component in Italy, overall per excise duty and VATon the pump price is currently equal to approximately 57% for petrol and around 52% for diesel“. This is revealed by Guarantor for price surveillance, Benedetto Mineo, in the brief submitted for the hearing to the Finance Committee of the Chamber as part of the fact-finding investigation into VAT and excise tax evasion on fuel. “In particular, there is an excise duty equal to 728 euros per 1000 liters for petrol (with a weight of approximately 39% compared to the current pump price) and equal to 617 euros per 1000 liters for diesel (equal to approximately 34% of the current pump price). For both fuels the VAT is 22% (with a weight on the final pump price of 18%). The average European excise duty is equal to 540 euros per 1000 liters for petrol and 428 per 1000 liters for diesel”, specifies Mr. Prezzi.

“Today, on every liter of petrol purchased by Italian motorists, more than one euro, precisely 1.06 euros, goes to VAT and excise taxes”. He states it Assoutients, commenting on the data emerging from the report presented by Mister Prezzi to the Finance Commission of the Chamber. “We reiterate once again how, beyond the anomalies in the formation of price lists at the pump, and net of the speculation on prices at distributors which are recorded in some periods of the year, it is necessary to intervene in terms of taxation applied to fuels, primarily by applying mobile excise duties capable of compensating for increases in industrial prices through a proportional reduction in the tax burden”, comments the president Gabriele Melluso.

“The data on fuels provided today by Mister Prezzi confirm, if there were still any need, the abnormal burden in Italy of taxation on petrol and diesel, which aggravates Italians’ spending on supplies”, states the Codacons, commenting on the hearing at House Finance Committee as part of the fact-finding investigation into VAT and excise duty evasion on fuel.

“Despite the Government’s many promises to intervene on the excise duty front, nothing has been done so far – states the president Carlo Rienzi – This is because fuel taxes they guarantee enormous revenues for state coffers: just think that last year, compared to the almost 71 billion euros spent in Italy on the purchase of petrol and diesel, over 38 billion ended up in the state coffers in excise duties and VAT”.