MP goes out in the most municipalities of all Riksdag parties

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On election night, the Green Party was certain of victory as they not only passed the four percent barrier to the Riksdag – they also increased. But as the votes in the municipal and regional elections were counted, the hangover also came: No other party in the Riksdag loses as many municipalities and regions as the Green Party, according to the preliminary election results.

Eight years ago, after the 2014 election, the Green Party was represented in all of the country’s 20 regional councils. With this year’s preliminary election results, the party is only present in 7 out of 20 regions. And the same trend can thus also be seen in the municipalities.

“Black painted during the election campaign”

It is difficult to say exactly what this is due to, but when SVT calls around to the regions that you have traveled out of, the picture differs quite a bit. Someone answers that the Green Party was painted black during the election campaign. Another is that they have not managed to convey that they can actually make a difference to the climate even at the local level.

In several municipalities, the Green Party has also had difficulty getting people to want to run for office. All in all, it creates a concern internally as there is a fear that the party is being erased locally.

No upvotes

According to Sofie Blomb├Ąck, political scientist at Mittuniversitetet, the Green Party’s loss in municipalities and regions is likely partly due to the fact that voters do not tend to vote for support in the same way in the municipal and regional elections as they do in the parliamentary elections.

– The Green Party probably received a lot of support votes from those who want to see Magdalena Andersson as prime minister. That type of mechanism is not seen in the municipalities in the same way, she says.

After the Green Party, the Liberals are the party that leaves the most regions and municipalities, followed by the Center Party.