Mozilla offers paid service to scan personal information sold

Mozilla offers paid service to scan personal information sold

firefox behind the scanner and more Mozillahas begun offering a paid service to scan personal information for sale.

Mozilla Today “Monitor PlusIt introduced a new paid subscription service called “. This new service, which costs $ 8.99 per month as part of an annual subscription, reportedly includes information collected from sources such as social media sites, applications and browser trackers. scans your information on more than 190 sites where personal data is sold And When it finds something it automatically tries to remove it. He knew that it was impossible to track these leaks personally, so he set up an automatic system. Mozillafor this process onerep He states that they have established a partnership with a company called. The system, which may not appeal to everyone but will make life easier for some people, also guides people to manually delete their data that is for sale.


Mozilla had previously made a splash with an important acquisition, and the company had made a big impact on users’ claims about fake or unreliable sites on shopping sites. comments / reviews / ratings offers a website and browser extension that helps detect He announced that he bought Fakespot. It is not known how much Mozilla paid to acquire Fakespot, but it is reported that a huge amount is not on the table. The service Fakespot offers is really important because it is an effective option to detect fake reviews listed on the platform from Amazon, Yelp, TripAdvisor and more.

Fake reviews are used by sellers to deceive users, and many people who fall for these comments become serious victims every month. It is said to have been founded in 2016 and to use artificial intelligence and machine learning in the detection process. fakespotcontinues to serve normally after the purchase, and it is known that more advanced Fakespot tools specific to Firefox developed by Mozilla will be available in the future.