Motorists have this handle in their trunk without knowing it – but it can be very useful

Motorists have this handle in their trunk without knowing it

Some vehicles have a secret handle in their trunk, which can be operated by the driver in a specific case.

Most cars today have a trunk, most often located at the rear of the vehicle. Depending on its size, motorists and their passengers use it to store their shopping, or their suitcases when going on vacation, or even to store belongings. Mechanically, everyone opens their car trunk with their key, by pressing a specific button or by making a simple movement under a detector. The trunk then opens and without realizing it, some people miss an essential element: a secret handle which is located just at the level of the trunk opening, on the lower part of the vehicle.

Secret handle in the trunk of a car © Tiktok @kentou_

This handle is generally made of plastic, like other elements of the trunk. This is why we often pass by it and don’t notice it. But then, what use can this handle have? When the motorist activates it with his hand, simply by lifting it, the ball or the vehicle’s towing hook comes out from under the rear chassis and is placed in the intended location. Once installed, the person can attach a bicycle rack, a trailer, or even a caravan. With this system, there is no need to bother with unhooking your towing hook and then putting it back when you need it. This in itself saves time and above all is a very practical option!

Wondering if your vehicle has one? Please note that in general, this type of handle is optional on vehicles. Also, depending on the car models, manufacturers have not provided this type of device. It is often possible to find it on Volkswagen brand models, particularly on Golfs. If you are purchasing a new or used car soon, consider this system which can be useful to you in many situations.