Mother with pram stabbed in UK

Mother with pram stabbed in UK

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A 27-year-old mother out for a pram walk with her five-month-old baby was stabbed to death in the UK.

The suspected 25-year-old perpetrator is still at large and the police are now warning the public about him.

– Do not approach him!

A 27-year-old woman walking with her child in a pram was stabbed to death on Saturday afternoon in Bradford, West Yorkshire in the UK, writes Mirror.

The suspected perpetrator, a 25-year-old man, is still at large.

He reportedly stabbed the female suspect in the neck four times before fleeing.


full screen The Hunted Man. Photo: West Yorkshire Police

The murder weapon, a knife said to have been used, has been found.

– I saw a woman lying face down on the pavement next to the pram with her five-month-old son. I turned her around. There was a lot of blood and I tried to find a pulse, but couldn’t, says greengrocer Geo Khan to the newspaper.

The police are calling for witnesses to the crime – and are warning the public about the man:

– We do not know if he is armed and advise those who see him not to approach him, but instead call 112 immediately.

Police chief Insp Atkinson describes the murder as “shocking”.