Most important Hollywood award could be revolutionized – and would make John Wick fans cheer

Most important Hollywood award could be revolutionized – and would

In recent years, a separate Stunt category for the Oscars has been discussed time and again. Spectacular, brutal action fests like the John Wick series have always been overlooked in Hollywood’s biggest awards ceremony without such consideration.

Just this year, The Fall Guy, a blockbuster film dedicated to stuntmen in the film industry, was released. However, according to a recent report, this type of daring maneuver could actually be considered for Oscars in the future.

Academy apparently considering introducing stunt category for Oscars

In an interview with Empire magazine, current Academy CEO Bill Kramer revealed that within the organization, There is talk of the possibility of a new category for stunts. According to him, the introduction for the Oscars is currently being considered:

We have added a new award that will be introduced in two years for casting directors, so we are always open to such discussions.

In 2026, the Academy will award an Oscar for Best Casting for the first time. This will no longer honor just individuals, but the composition of an entire ensemble. It is the first new Oscar category since the introduction of the Best Animated Feature Film category in 2001.

If an additional stunt category is introduced for the Oscars, John Wick fans in particular will be happy. A fifth part of the action cult with Keanu Reeves has not yet been officially announced. If it does come, it will probably be a But we are sure to have an award in this category.

Here you can watch a trailer for the stunt spectacle The Fall Guy:

The Fall Guy – Trailer 2 (German) HD

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